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Dynavap: Everything you need to knowUpdated a month ago

The Anatomy of a DynaVap Vaporizer: A Fun Exploration

About the Tip
The tip is where the magic begins, as it’s the part where you pack your product. There are multiple types of tips, all compatible with every DynaVap device. The classic 5-fin stainless steel tip is the OG. Remember, all tips need a CCD (think of it as a little screen), and most feature an adjust-a-bowl option. Also, remember that except for the new "B" tip, all tips need those trusty o-rings.

About the Cap
The cap is the hero of your device. It signals when your device is at the perfect temperature for vaporization with a satisfying click. Crafted from stainless steel, the cap snaps together when heated to just the right temp. This is the part you heat, and it goes right over the tip.

About the Condenser
Running from the tip to the mouthpiece, the condenser is the heart of your DynaVap. It's responsible for channeling vapor through the device, ensuring quality hits every time. Made from titanium, there are two sizes: standard and XL. The standard size fits the M and VonG, while the XL is for the Omni or the "B". O-rings are a must for all condensers, except the "B". Fancy a longer device? Use an XL condenser and mouthpiece kit for extra length!

About the Stem (Midsection)
The stem, or the body of the device, is where style meets function. Stems are interchangeable if they’re compatible with the tips. The M stem, made from stainless steel, features a 10mm mouthpiece that fits a 10mm female water pipe. It accommodates both standard and XL condensers with an extra mouthpiece. The Omni stem, made from titanium, fits the XL condenser and includes airflow holes for manual control. The VonG(i) stem, also titanium, features a manual control airflow hole and fits 10mm and 14mm water pieces. For a touch of elegance, the BB stems are made from borosilicate glass, the "B" stem from silicone, and the WoodWynd stem combines wood and titanium.

About the O-rings
O-rings are the unsung heroes, holding the condenser in place. There are two types, with one slightly larger ring for the condenser's center. Made of Viton Rubber, these rings need regular moisturizing to last longer. Avoid soaking your device in iso with the o-rings on.

About the CCDs
CCDs are the small screens or filters that come preloaded in the tips. Available in titanium and stainless, they prevent the product from being sucked through. Every DynaVap device uses a CCD, which will need replacing after extensive use.

Final Thoughts
Each DynaVap model comprises a cap, tip, midsection, and condenser, with some also featuring a mouthpiece. Weighing less than half an ounce, standard length VapCaps measures 92mm, and XL models are 109mm. The modular design lets you mix and match parts for your perfect vaping experience! 🌬️💨

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