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LOBO SettingsUpdated 3 months ago

How to Adjust the Timer on Your Lobo Device 🔧

Adjusting the timer on your Lobo is a simple process. Follow these step-by-step instructions to customize the session time according to your preferences.

1. Power On: Make sure your Lobo device is turned on.

2. Enter Menu: Simultaneously hold the power button and the temperature up button for a few seconds to access the settings menu.

3. Navigate Settings: Use the temperature up and down buttons to scroll through the available settings.

4. Select Timer: When you arrive at the "timer" option, press the power button to select it.

5. Adjust Timer: You can now set the session time as desired.

For a visual guide on how to adjust settings, you can refer to our instructional video here. While the video primarily demonstrates how to change the temperature unit, the process for adjusting the timer settings is similar.

Feel free to revisit these steps anytime you need to make adjustments!

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