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LOBO Vapor ProductionUpdated 3 months ago

It's important to note that with dry herb vaporizers, your herbs will not combust, and the vapor produced is typically less dense than smoke.

Vaporizing Temperatures and Effects:

Low Temperatures (320°F to 356°F / 160°C to 180°C): These settings are ideal for flavor preservation with less vapor.

Medium Temperatures (357°F to 392°F / 180°C to 200°C): Increases vapor production, though the flavor may be less intense, with more pronounced bodily effects.

High Temperatures (393°F to 430°F / 200°C to 220°C): Yields thicker vapor and stronger body effects, but may shorten session times and potentially scorch herbs.

Guides and Resources:
POTV Lobo Quick Start Guide
POTV Lobo Cleaning and Maintenance Guide
Cleaning Tutorial Video

Using Your Lobo: Quick, cigar-like puffs are recommended for optimal use. The outcome can vary based on your inhalation technique, the grind and quality of your herbs, how you pack them, and your temperature settings. For best results, use a medium coarse grind, lightly tamp the herbs in the oven, and allow about 20 seconds after the device reaches 390°F before inhaling. The method of inhalation—whether short puffs or long, slow draws—also affects your vaping experience.

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