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My Vaporizer is hotUpdated 4 months ago

Dry herb vaporizers will get hot during normal use. Even those with the best insulation will radiate some heat to the body of the vape, but some have better insulation than others. Some even double as hand warmers in winter. 

What to do if your vape is too hot to hold

  • Spread the heat out by holding the vape with your entire palm rather than with just your fingers, which should dissipate the excess heat and make things more comfortable

  • Try holding the vape where the battery is instead of where the oven is

  • Reduce the temperature

  • Allow the vape time to cool in between sessions

  • Use the vape in a cool environment rather than in direct sunlight

However, the body of a vape should never be so hot that it actually burns your hand. If that’s the case, please get in touch with us here

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