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Register my vapeUpdated 4 months ago

🔒 Vape Registration Alert! 🔒

🌟 Keep your serial number handy to secure your warranty! Most vaporizers need not be registered, but you need their serial number. Not sure where to find it? Check our PDPs to locate it on your vape or box! 📦 No serial number, no warranty. 🚫

🚀 Quick note: No registration needed for LOBO's or POTV ONE! 🎉

📝 For Ditanium, PAX, EpicVape, Storz & Bickel, Tinymight, and Tafée, please register directly on their sites. Links below! ⬇️

Epic Vape
Tinymight - For your warranty to be valid with Tinymight, you must create an account and register your device within one year of receiving it.

Questions? Need help? 🤔 Hit reply or contact us here! 📩

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