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Delivered but not receivedUpdated 4 months ago

Received a "delivered" status but can't find your package? 📦👀 Here's what to do:

1. Check Your Address: Make sure the address on your order is correct. 🏠

2. Ask Around: Chat with your neighbors or family at home. Someone might have picked it up for you. 👥

3. Contact the Post Office: Give your local post office a call. They can provide the GPS location of the delivery. It's possible it was delivered nearby or is still with the driver. 📍

**Please Note: Sometimes carriers mark a package as delivered before it actually arrives. Give it 24 business hours—your package might just show up! ⏳**

We're truly sorry for this mix-up and any trouble it's caused. If you've tried all the above and still can't find your package, please get in touch with our team for further assistance by clicking here. 🙏

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