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How do I start my return?Updated 6 months ago

To contact our customer service team, do so by clicking here!
Our Return Portal 

The steps for your return are shown below! 

💥 For 14-Day Returns: Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

  1. 1. Talk to Our Team First: Before you decide on a return, why not chat with our experts? We're here to help you find a vaporizer that truly matches your desires.

  2. 2. Easy Return Portal: Ready to return? Just hop onto our return portal, enter your order number and email, and follow the simple steps.

  3. 3. Choose Your Return Type: We offer three flexible options:

    • - Refund: A small restocking fee of $15 and a shipping fee of $15 are deducted.
    • - Store Credit: Receive full credit in the form of a gift card after we receive your return.
    • - Exchange: Swap your device for a different one! We’ll sort out any price differences, whether it's a refund or an additional charge.
  4. 4. Select Your Reason: Click on “14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee Policy” 

  5. 5. Select your secondary return reason: Choose which relates to you and your return

  6. 6. Shipping Made Simple: We’ll provide you with a prepaid shipping label. You'll receive return instructions to guide you on your return.

✅ For 30-Day Returns: Unopened & Unused

  1. 1. Condition Check: Ensure your items are unused and unopened. You'll need to provide a photo showing the unopened item(s).

  2. 2. Return Options: Choose between a refund or store credit. Note: There’s a $15 restocking fee, and if a refund is selected, there is an additional $15 shipping fee deducted.

  3. 3. Reason for Return: Select the “30 Day Policy” and your secondary reason for returning.

  4. 4. Upload your photo: You will need to upload a photo of your unused & unopened item(s)

  5. 5. Shipping Made Simple: We’ll provide you with a prepaid shipping label. You'll receive return instructions to guide you on your return.

🔧 Warranties: We’re Here to Help!

  1. 1. Contact Our Vape Experts: Before proceeding with a warranty return, get in touch with our team. We can often troubleshoot and solve issues quickly!

  2. 2. Return Type: Warranty :
    3. Return Reason:  Select "Warranty" and then choose your secondary reason! 

  3. 4. Upload Serial Number: Upload a photo of your serial number, which you can find on the product page on our website.

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