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I am unable to draw from my deviceUpdated 4 days ago

Grind and Pack
Pairing the correct grind with the heating your device uses is essential. If your device is convective, it will prefer a coarser grind; sometimes, even your fingers will suffice. A coarser grind with a gentle pack works best for convective devices. Stirring your herbs midway through your session also helps. The goal is to get as much heat to cover the botanical's surface area to get an excellent extraction. 

A conductive unit will prefer a fine grind and a firm tamp. The heat on these devices comes in direct contact with the herbs in the oven. This style works best for conduction-based devices. 

A hybrid heating device can use a medium-coarse grind. It is the best of both worlds. A bit of experimentation to your grind and pack will offer you a result that may work best for you, which may very well be different for someone else. 

Drawing technique
It is essential that you are sipping and not ripping when using a dry herb vaporizer. Drawing too hard is a common issue that can cause problems such as diminishing your vapor production and causing a restrictive airflow. Try long and slow draws or shor cigar-like puffs. This will ensure you get good airflow through your herbs to extract your herbs content fully. 

A common issue that can diminish vapor production is if your device screens are clogged. The screen should be removable on most devices and can be placed at 91% ISO. Let it bathe for about 30 minutes while occasionally brushing it with a cleaning tool or an old toothbrush. 

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