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My PAX is flashing 10 blue lightsUpdated 5 months ago

My PAX is flashing 10 blue lights

The ten flashing lights PAX error code often relates to an issue with the device charging correctly, but we have some troubleshooting tips and tricks that may help you get back up and vaping. 

Press the pins

The first thing to try is to press on the charging pins on the back of the device. To do that, flip your PAX over and press VERY firmly on each individual pin using a thumbnail. Then, place your PAX back on the charging dock. If you don’t get immediate results, please try again, as it can take more than one attempt. 

Leave it to charge

If your PAX is now registering as charging, leave it on the charger for 4 ½ hours, even if the vape shows a full charge before the 4 ½ hours are up. Also, try plugging your PAX’s charging cradle into a different USB port or a different wall-to-USB adapter, as some older adapters are unsuitable for charging a modern vaporizer. 

Get in touch

If, after doing all of the above, your PAX device is still flashing those 10 times, you may need to send it in for warranty work. We handle the warranty process for most brands we carry. However, PAX Labs has requested that all warranty work go via them, and they can be contacted here

We are always here for you, so if you experience any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our highly-skilled Vape Experts by clicking here. We’ll do our best to get back to you immediately, but please expect a response within 24 business hours. 

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