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My vape tastes weirdUpdated 4 days ago

My vape tastes weird - New vape

When you buy something new, it smells ‘new’. A new car, for example, or a new pair of shoes. They have that ‘new smell’, and vapes are no different. 

Like a car and shoes, that ‘new vape’ smell will fade and is totally safe. It will soon be taken over with herbal aromas after the vape has been used a handful of times. 

Even if your new vape doesn’t smell, we always recommend performing a few burnoff sessions before the first use of any vape. We ask people to do this because, occasionally, there are oils left over from the manufacturing process. 

Running burnoff sessions will help to get rid of this, and you’ll be good to go with your first session. 

To perform a burnoff session, you need to power up the vape with the mouthpiece attached, crank it up to maximum temperature, and let it sit until it auto-powers off. Continue until any residual ‘new vape’ smell has gone. 

My vape tastes weird - Used vape

If your vape has been thoroughly used, but it’s started to give off a strange flavor and smell, the very first thing you should do is think about how long it’s been since you gave it a deep clean. If you can’t remember, it’s time for a maintenance session. Please see our blog list and look for a cleaning guide for your particular vaporizer. 

If you’ve recently given your vape a deep clean and the bad flavor or smell persists, we must move to a different solution. If a vape isn’t cleaned correctly, you can contribute to the bad flavor or taste, so it’s super important always to follow the cleaning guide. 

Sometimes, if too much isopropyl alcohol has been used to clean the oven, some ‘may’ drip down into the heater core of the vape and cause a bad smell and taste.

Alternatively, gunk build-up may also contribute to your issue, especially if some of that gunk has fallen into the heater core. 

Either way, the remedy is to run back-to-back burnoff sessions with the vape on maximum temperature and the mouthpiece on. Keep going until any off-gassing ceases and you can no longer detect the odor. 

If you’re still unable to shift the bad flavor after repeated burnoff sessions at maximum temperature, then it’s time to reach out. Please contact our customer service team via our contact page; we’ll gladly help. 

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