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PAX is too hot to touchUpdated 5 months ago

🔥 When your PAX feels warm to the touch, it's just doing its thing and heating up to vapor-making temps! 🌬️ That cozy warmth means all systems go! 🚀 Expect the outer shell to get a bit toasty - that's totally normal. Here are some cool tips to keep it chill:

🤲 Hold onto your device while it's getting ready and during your sesh to spread out the warmth.

👄 Grip it near the mouthpiece, not too close to the oven, to keep things comfy.

🔽 Consider turning down the heat or switching modes (PAX Mini friends, this one's not for you).

💡 No weird blinking lights or sudden shutdowns? That means your PAX is on point and performing perfectly!

🚫 If you let your PAX hang solo while it's heating up, it's gonna get hot. But once you give it a hug with your hand, you'll help whisk that heat away!

If you'd like a fun accessory to aid in the heat a bit, the PAX sleeve "may" ease the heatness a bit for you. Find them by clicking here! Or if you have a MINI click here :) 

Stay cool and enjoy your PAX vibes! 😎🌿

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