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Received my order incompleteUpdated 4 months ago

📦 Oops! Missing Something in Your Order? Let's Fix That! 🛠️

Notice something's amiss with your order? We totally get how that can be a bummer. But don't worry, we're on it! Here's a quick guide to help you sort it out:

1. Seek, and You Might Find! 🔍

Before we sound the alarms, let's play a bit of hide and seek. Could that elusive item be playing tricks on you? Give your package another once-over. Sometimes, items love to snuggle in the oddest nooks or get cozy with other products.

2. Package Buddies? 📦👯

Think your order might be having a little too much fun traveling in pairs? Double-check your email. If your goodies decided to split up into two packages, we would have sent you a heads-up.

3. Still Missing? 🆘

No luck yet? No problem! Reach out to our agents right here or reply to this email. We'll get your missing items on a speedy journey to your doorstep, pronto!

We're here to ensure your order is complete and your vaping experience is nothing short of amazing!

Happy Vaping! 🎉

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