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The mouthpiece on my V3 Pro is wobbly/looseUpdated 4 days ago


Typically, we find that a POTV V3 Pro's mouthpiece becomes wobbly, or loose, once the vaporizer has cooled down. We invite you to see how it tightens up once your vape has warmed up to vaping temperatures.

Two things to check:
1. Make sure that there are no tiny bits of herbs or vaped material in the seam between the mouthpiece and the body of your V3 Pro. We encourage you to periodically clean the brush on these surfaces to avoid this from happening. A clean vape is a happy vape! 

2. Always ensure the mouthpiece screen has not partially dislodged from the silicon screen assembly. If it has, gently push it back in.

A couple of other tricks is to try to hold your device without having your fingers near the mouthpiece. Whenever you draw from your vaporizer, ensure that it is held vertically, as tilting your device while drawing or pushing on the mouthpiece with your lips "may" be the culprit here.

If none of that works, don't hesitate to contact us via oucontact page.

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