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Venty Error Code 004Updated 4 months ago

Sorry about the E04 error on your Venty vaporizer! 😓 
The manufacturer has confirmed they are working on a firmware update to resolve this error potentially. 🛠️

Quick Fix Attempt:
1. Press & hold the power button for 10 seconds while it's on. 🔄

To Avoid Future E04 Errors:
1. Charge before it's too low. 🔋
2. Use slow charging now and then. ⚡ Avoid using while charging.
3. Experiment with different cables or charging methods. 📲
4. Don't overcharge your Venty. ⏲️

Still stuck? 🤔 You will need to contact S&B directly to process a warranty replacement. We understand entirely how frustrating this is; and want to assure you we are here for you every step of the way. If you encounter any delays, issues, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach back out to our team. POTV is always here for you. 

Register your device & start your warranty with Storz & Bickel by clicking here.

We're here for you, so keep us updated or ask away if you have any questions! 🌟

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