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What accessories should I get?Updated 4 months ago

Enhance your vaping experience

So you’ve got your new vape, and you’re thinking about ways to get that bad boy fully tricked out? Then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s look at all the ways you can customize your vapor, to better suit the experience you’re looking for. 

Dosing Capsules + Capsule Caddy

Most (but not all) vaporizers utilize a dosing capsule system. If your portable vape does, adding extra capsules and a Capsule Caddy can transform the way you use your vape, allowing for easy and discreet reloading in public, as well as smell-proof transportation of your herbs, while on the go. 

Smell-Proof Case

If you do much of your vaping away from home, you may want to consider investing in a smell-proof case. Not only will it keep any unwanted aromas from escaping your vape, they’ll also provide cushioning and protection from the elements, as well as a handy place to store your herbs. Shop our selection of vape cases here

On-device Bubblers

One easy way to enhance your vaping experience is to put a bubbler on it. Water-cooling vapor reduces its temperature and adds extra filtering, removing any unwanted herbal particles from the mix. This will result in a smoother, cooler draw for the user. We have a range of on-device bubblers, and vape-specific adapters to allow you to use an on-device bubbler on your vape. Check them out here

Water Pipe Adapters

Perhaps the easiest way to customize your vaping experience is to leverage your existing desktop bubbler with your new vape, and you can do that with a Water Pipe Adapter (WPA). Get the full water-pipe experience you’re used to by vaping your favorite herbs through your existing desktop bubbler. If you’ve been combusting through it, we’d recommend giving it a good clean before you start vaping through it. 

Extra batteries

Not all vapes have user-replaceable batteries, but if yours does, you ‘may’ want to pick up some extra batteries and an external battery charger. Doing so will give you unlimited battery life… At least, limited only to the number of batteries you can carry. Shop batteries and chargers here

There are many ways you can improve your vaping experience and lots of vape-specific accessories, so only available for certain models of vapes. 

Browse our vape accessories, and if you’re still unsure, feel free to reach out to our customer service team, who will be happy to help you pick out the right accessories for you. 

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