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Burn Offs

How do I do a burnoff?. Make sure the oven is completely empty. Attach the mouthpiece to the vape. Turn the vape on. Set the temperature to maximum. Set the vape down on a flat surface. Leave it to run at maximum temperature. Once the auto shut-off t

What temperature is best to vape at?

Personal preference. This is a question that we get a lot, and the honest answer is ‘whichever temperature is right for you’. Storz & Bickel recommend using their products at 356°F (180°C); from personal experience, that temperature works great. Othe

What accessories should I get?

Enhance your vaping experience. So you’ve got your new vape, and you’re thinking about ways to get that bad boy fully tricked out? Then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s look at all the ways you can customize your vapor, to better suit the experi

Battery Warning/Hazard

Vaping Safety 101: Why Your Battery Comes with a Warning. Hello, vape fans! 🌬️ Ever noticed that warning on your vape battery and thought, "What's the deal?" Let's demystify it!. Heat Alert! 🔥Samsung and LG added warnings to their 18650 batteries b

Best vape for a beginner?

Choosing your first vape is a big deal! 🌟 We know one size doesn't fit all, so we've picked out 7 standout vapes just for you! 🙌 Easy to use and awesome vapor? Check! ✔️. Portable Vapes On-the-Go! 🚶‍♂️💨Mighty+ 🦾POTV XMAX V3 Pro 🌬️POTV ONE 👌POT

XMAX Accessories

Elevate Your XMAX Vaporizer Experience!. Are you the proud owner of an XMAX Vaporizer? If you want to enhance your vaping journey, our Accessory page is your next stop! Tailored for all XMAX vaporizer enthusiasts, our collection complements and eleva

Dosing Capsules?

Dosing Capsules + Capsule Caddy. Most (but not all) vaporizers utilize a dosing capsule system. If your portable vape does, adding extra capsules and a Capsule Caddy can transform the way you use your vape, allowing for easy and discreet reloading in

Dosing Capsule Compatability

🌿 Dosing Capsule Compatibility Guide at POTV 🌿. Navigating the world of vaporizers can be complex, especially when finding the right accessories for your device. To help you, we've compiled a quick guide on which dosing capsules have multiple vape

Shop by Vaporizer: Accessories Made Easy!

Shop Accessories by Your Vaporizer Easily! 🛒🌿. Finding the right accessories for your vaporizer just got easier! You can now shop directly by your vaporizer model. The PDP will also give you exact measurements or any necessary product specification

How To Use Dosing Capsules

How to Use Dosing Capsules: A Step-by-Step Guide 💊✨. Grab Your Capsules: Dosing capsules are a fantastic accessory for easy and convenient sessions on the go. 🌟. Check the Fit: New capsules can sometimes have an initial tight fit when attempting to