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Order Status/Information

I haven't gotten a confirmation for my order. What steps should I take next?

Hello, Awesome Shoppers!. Ever placed an order and then felt a bit lost because the confirmation email didn't show up? Don’t fret! We’re here to ensure everything runs smoothly. Quick Fact: Our confirmation numbers are six digits and are sent immedia

Where can I track my order status?

Hey there, Vape Enthusiasts! 🎉. We're just as excited as you are for you to receive your POTV Order and dive into the world of vaporizing! 🌿💨. Wondering where your order is? No sweat! 🕵️‍♀️ enter your tracking number or order details right here t

Partially Fulfilled Orders

Understanding "Partially Fulfilled" Orders 📦🔍. If your order status shows as "Partially Fulfilled," here are a few things you should check:. 1. Gift Cards: Do you have a bonus or paid gift card in your order? Gift cards are sent electronically and