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My Battery Won't Hold a ChargeUpdated 4 days ago

My Battery Won't Hold a Charge

Some battery degradation is normal over time, with regular use of any rechargeable battery, and vape batteries are not immune to this. If your vaporizer is older than 1 year, it will lose its ability to hold a charge, it's just the nature of rechargeable batteries. 

If your vaporizer is within warranty and isn't holding a proper charge, it may be approved for warranty. Just contact our team if you think your device may be experiencing a manufacturer defect. With that said, if your vaporizer is out of warranty, and isn't holding as good of a charge as when you first bought it, it may be time for an upgrade. Either way, our team is here for your questions or concerns. 

If your vaporizer is fairly new..... 

& you feel like your device's battery life has taken a nose dive, and you’re not sure why, we’ve put this handy guide together to help get your vape back to holding a charge like it’s new again. 

On that point, running a battery for two or three cycles is always good when new, as a new battery can require those initial cycles before it begins performing up to the advertised specifications. 

Also, please consult our [link] Vaporizer Charging Troubleshooting Page if your battery isn’t taking a charge, isn’t charging to full, or is taking longer than normal to charge to full. 

Battery Best Practice Hacks

You know what they say about prevention being better than cure, and how you charge and store your vape and the battery within will go a long way to determining the useful life of your battery, otherwise known as the cycle count. 

The cycle count is the number of times you have run your battery down to empty and then charged to full. One cycle would be full to full. Our vape batteries have a cycle life of 300 to 500 cycles. Use our tips and tricks to get your total to as near as 500 as possible and even beyond. 

  • Don’t run your battery all the way down to empty before plugging it in

Batteries don’t like to be drained to zero, and doing so regularly will add additional wear and tear to your battery. Once in a while is fine, but just not all the time. Try to charge your vape when it gets down to 25% remaining, and charge to full. 

  • Store your vaporizer somewhere inside that doesn’t get too hot or cold

This goes for your vape and any other battery you may own. Batteries like a nice, even ambient temperature, much like us. Leaving outside, like in a car, on a summer’s day or a winter’s night, is likely to expose your battery to temperatures outside of an ideal 60°F - 75°F range. 

  • Similarly, if you’re using your vape when its 32°F and snowing, or 95°F on the beach; 

You should expect some temporary loss of performance. This is normal. 

  • Avoid pass-through charging, and using your vape while plugged into the power

A good example of this is the Crafty+ vaporizer. The old, OG Crafty used to support pass-through charging, meaning you could simultaneously use it, while the battery was charging. They removed this feature with the Crafty+ because of the wear and tear it subjected to the batteries. Pass-through charging is hard on the battery. Avoid it if possible. 

  • Long term storage

If you’re putting your vape down for a while or heading out of town and are taking your roadie with you, try to leave your vape at roughly 50% charge remaining, and not 100% full, or 0% empty. 

Perform a Conditioning Charge

We recommend giving a new vape a conditioning charge before the first use. These can also be performed at regular intervals during your vaporizer's lifetime to help maintain your battery's useful life. Performing a conditioning charge is a simple process. 

  • Charge the vape to full

  • Once full, leave the vape on the charger for another couple of hours 

  • Your conditioning charge is complete, and you can now use your vape normally

Look after your battery…

And your battery will look after you. Don’t leave it anywhere too hot or too cold. Don’t mess with the wrap; try to charge it before it reaches totally empty, and try not to use it while it’s charging, even if your device supports pass-through charging. Do all these things, and you’ll get as close to 500 battery cycles as possible before replacing it. 

If all else fails, get in contact with us

If none of the above has worked and your vape remains as unresponsive as the lovechild of a Sloth and a Koala napping in a Volcano balloon, it’s time to get in touch. Please contact us via our contact form and one of our highly trained Vape Experts can run through some vape-specific troubleshooting or help get the warranty rolling. We’ll get you back up and running. 

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